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Chocolate Desserts

Interested in Becoming A Vendor?

We provide you with a 5-ft table, 2 chairs, and table cloth.

We are looking for motivated small business owners to join our Pop Up Shops! If you're interested in becoming a vendor, please click the link below! 

Vendor fee varies depending on the event that is being held. Normally our prices range between $35-70 as listed below.

(Unless there is a special or discount that we are running)

Vendor Fees:

Pop Up Retail (Monday-Friday only): $40 daily or $160 weekly!

Saturday: $60-70

Sunday: $50

Kids under 17: $35-45

You can click the button below to sign up on our calendar and it'll give you a detailed description of our events along with vendor fees. 

Become A Vendor: About Us
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